North Luffenham Platinum Jubilee Latest News – Programme of Events and Horseshoe Hunt

Over the next few days every house in North Luffenham should receive an official Programme of Events. In it you will find dates and times of all the events over the four days. You will also find rules and an entry form for the Tug O’ War.

The Village Fun Day on the Friday is looking spectacular. Please do try and come along as there are many activities to join in and have fun with. Lots of prizes to be won. If you don’t want to try your hand at any of the games why not have your face painted instead! There will be light refreshments and an informal bar.

The Horseshoe Hunt on the Saturday is now finalised. You will see posters of horseshoes dotted around the village, some of which will be accompanied by fascinating historical facts about the village. There is a competition attached and to enter this you will just need to pick up a competition sheet from outside The Fox. Find the Horseshoes, identify the flag associated with that horseshoe and then, when you have them all, complete a short tie breaker question and return the form to The Fox.

You will also find copies of the official North Luffenham Village Walk Information Sheet. Please fell free to take one round with you and identify each of the places mentioned. The information about the history of this village contained in this guide is absolutely fascinating and confirms what a brilliant village we all live in.

Please return the guides after your walk so that others may enjoy them.

The competition sheets and guides will be available from 11.00 onwards.

Why not stop and chat with your fellow villagers on your way round? Then meet again in The Fox afterwards for a well earned drink to share your new found knowledge of North Luffenham!

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