North Luffenham Dresses for The Jubilee!

Today saw Church Street and surrounds, as well as The Pavilion, dress for The Jubilee Celebrations starting on 2nd June. A big thank you to all who helped and to those villagers who stopped for a chat and to comment on how great everything looked! Also a big thank you to those who came out and decorated the fronts of their houses at the same time. North Luffenham looks really festive. Please do decorate your house as well if you can and make North Luffenham look truly joyous.

I have also been talking to several people who have not yet managed to join a Tug O’ War team. If you are in the same boat let me know and we will put extra teams together. You will be able to do this right up until the start of the Dog Show prior to the Tug O’ War on Friday. Why not pop along on the day to the Pavilion to register your Olympian hopes!

Thursday night will see the start of festivities. Why not pop along to The Fox early evening where the fun will start prior to the lighting of the Beacon. Before the lighting don’t forget to look skyward as or after the sun sets to see the weekend start with a bang!

That’s all for now, but keep reading as updates will surely appear!

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