North Luffenham Platinum Jubilee Street Party – Street Cleaning Currently Taking Place!

As you wake and look out of your windows you may feel an air of despair at the state of the weather. But don’t panic – this is merely an episode of “Street Cleaning” that we ordered prior to the main event later in the day! Our only concern at the moment is that the contractors we have used to clean the streets are notoriously unreliable and have been known to overrun on their cleaning schedules. I have tried to ring their head office this morning to see when they will stop applying water to the Streets of North Luffenham but it would appear their offices are closed for the Bank Holiday and therefore I can not currently get any guarantee as to when the streets will dry out!

Our aim is, therefore, to remain as flexible as possible this morning with a belief that we will stage the street party in some form at a venue to be confirmed as the morning pans out. So please do keep watching the website for updates as to where and when we will hold todays event.

Various weather apps do show this is a weather front passing through northwards and that drier weather is following behind so optimism is definitely still at the forefront of our planning. I know the good people of North Luffenham will not be deterred by cloud based street cleaning fluid!

Returning to drier times, yesterdays Horseshoe Hunt was a big hit and thank you all for turning out to explore North Luffenham and find out a little more about its history. In particular, a big thank you to Claire Barrett who organised the event and researched the various history plaques that appeared around the village. The tie breaker statement at the end of the entry forms threw up some really brilliant responses. The winning response was as follows: Not Only Remarkable Treasure Hunts (but) Lovely, Unique, Fabulous, Fantastic, Extraordinary, Nurturing, Homely, Amazing, Mother nature at its finest! A great effort which the Organising Group felt caught the real aura of the village whilst also demonstrating real originality in its creation. So, once again congratulations to the winner, Peace Crawford, and thank you all again for taking part.

I am positive that todays event, in whatever form it takes, will be a fitting one to close out this great weekend of fun and festivities. Please keep watching the website for updates. To take a line from the wonderful Dame Vera Lynn, I know we will all meet again later today I just “don’t know where, don’t know when! but I know we’ll meet again”

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