North Luffenham Jubilee Street Party – Final Decision Made!

The street cleaners went on much longer than expected and have drenched everywhere. We have therefore changed the style of todays closing event. We will no longer hold a Street Party along Church Street as originally planned. (The street is now open to traffic again)

We will hold a final Jubilee festive get together at The Fox, in the car park in the same way as we did on Thursday night at the opening of celebrations. This will be from 2.00-4.00. Prize giving for the Tug O’ War, the Dog Show and the Horseshoe Hunt will take place at 3.45 followed by a final Jubilee Toast and the extinguishing of the Jubilee Flame, closing with the National Anthem.

I am really sorry we have had to curtail the final event but, from what I have seen of everyone in North Luffenham over the last three days I am sure you will all come out at 2.00 to enjoy the jazz, grab a drink from the bar, and generally send this final Jubilee event off with a massive festive hurrah!

Thank you all for making these four days such memorable ones for the village!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at 2.00 at The Fox for one more bout of Jubilee merriment and laughter!

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