North Luffenham Bids Farewell to the Jubilee!

It may have rained overnight Saturday and in the morning of Sunday as heavily as many have seen in recent weeks, but that didn’t deter North Luffeham villagers from turning out in their droves for one last Jubilee Bash! The wet weather put paid to the planned Street Party, as was the case for many other events locally, but that didn’t dampen spirits, and the party was moved to The Fox where many gathered in the car park to listen to the brilliant Jubilee Jazz playing out the event through the afternoon – a big thank you to them, and generally sharing stories of the previous three days and looking forwards to planning for more events to come.

Prize giving saw prizes going to Peace Crawford for winning the Horseshoe Hunt, Molly the Springer Spaniel for winning the Judges Choice in the The Dog Show, and Pilton Road for winning the First North Luffenham Inter Street Tug O’ War. Congratulations to the winners, and a massive thank you to all who took part in all the competitions over the four days.

Earlier in the day the Good Companions supporters had assembled and delivered lunch boxes consisting of savouries and a cream tea for the members of The Good Companions. Given the poor weather conditions, it was not possible for many to attend the final event.

The event closed with a Jubilee Toast and a rousing rendition of The National Anthem. As people drifted away, the sounds of laughter and happiness could be heard resounding around the place. Truly a great four days!

The event started Thursday evening with the church bells being rung out across the village. This was such a great moment and the ringers said, at the time, they would dearly love it if some of us were to take up bell ringing so that we could ring our own bells in the future. I am really pleased to report that a good number of people said they would love to learn to ring the bells and so it is my intention to set up some lessons with the “professionals” so we can all learn. If you are also interested in learning to bell ring please do let me know ( The more, the merrier! Watch this space for announcements. What a great legacy for the Jubilee Weekend that would be.

This whole weekend has been, in my opinion, a triumph for the village as a whole and it has been lovely to see so many people out and about around the village. I have given out so many thank you’s to all those who have contributed. But, at the risk of repeating myself I would like to say, one last time, a massive thank you to all the team who helped get this event up and running, and to the many volunteers who worked behind the scenes to keep things on track. As a village we put on one of the best Jubilee Celebrations in Rutland, and certainly one of the best attended so a huge thank you to you all for turning out and supporting all the events in such great numbers.

This is the last official news bulletin. It has been great fun keeping everyone up to date on what was happening. I hope you have enjoyed the reports. So, until the next event, stay well, stay safe, and see you all around the village!

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  1. Tony Smith

    Thank you Simon Browning for making the Platinum Jubilee Weekend such a memorable event and for all the folk supporting you. Our pack lunch for the Good Companions was enjoyable it was a shame that it rained.
    Valerie and Tony Smith


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