2011 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

Minutes of The Annual Parish Meeting held North Luffenham Community Centre on Monday April 18th 2011 at 7-30 pm



Cllr M Coogan (Chairman), Mr I Ferguson (Parish Clerk) and 12 members of the public



Received from Cllr Mrs Spiegl and Cllr Overington


Minutes of the 2010 Annual Parish Meeting

Proposed by Barry Read and seconded by Claudia Riordan these were signed as being a true record


Matters Arising

  • The Footpath on Edith Weston Road is still part of RCC plans but not yet done
  • Following the suggestion at the 2010 APM, a Financial Strategy was written and adopted by The Parish Council at its meeting on Sept 16th 2010 and underwent its first review on March 31st 2011
  • John House requested a copy of The Strategy


Chairman’s Report

This had been circulated to all residences in the village. In response to questions raised it was stated that

  • The Scouts will start work on Woodyard Corner at Easter
  • The Chairman gave the background to the proposal that Moor Lane should be closed to traffic and become a pedestrian/cyclist facility. This issue was first raised in 2008 under the ‘safer routes to schools’ plans but didn’t go ahead. In October 2010 South Luffenham raised it again and while we are supporting the initiative in principle we request Full Consultation particularly relating to any costs to be borne by the PC. It is now with Rutland CC who will consult with both villages. One resident present expressed disquiet as she has land with access off Moor Lane; It was felt that closure of a lane may not necessarily reduce accidents; even the 20 mph zone in the village is not observed. The Chair said he will ensure there IS consultation.


Financial Report

  • The Report was circulated at the meeting
  • The Chair said that the likely spend on Oval trees in 2011/12 is c. £700 but we will look at the report and keep tabs on any Priority 2/3 trees needing attention.
  • It was noted that the Precept is kept at £7900 for 2011/12 and it will be spent as usual on general outgoings needed to run the village.
  • It was noted that the Funds of Former Village Hall are now held entirely in a Permanent Endowment and there was some discussion as to how this could be spent.
  • In response to a question The Chairman and Clerk explained the relationship between the 2 Accounts held in the name of The Field Gardens Trust and how these amounts had built up.
  • It was suggested that there should be a Clear Village Strategy
  • The Clerk explained the background to the spend on Woodyard Corner (Maintenance) and Legal Fees (Agricultural Rent)
  • It appeared from the accounts that we had made a loss on The Allotments but this is in fact spurious as Water bills have been estimated at too high a level and we now hold a Severn-Trent Credit note for c. £120


Other matters raised from the floor

  • Bonfire Night. Concern was expressed that this event had run at a loss for 3 years now which it never used to. The Chair explained that we use a Professional Company and we Profit Share with the Army on food. Rather than a Loss it should be thought of as a village subsidy. The Rockets are bigger and noisier and residents of Oval Close have to suffer from Car Parking on Bonfire Night. Perhaps the Bucket collectors should be more insistent on donations or a suggested donation. It was also pointed out that if the village doesn’t hold this event then people will have private dos so the noise, disruption will still be there. It was stated that it’s a good village event and should continue.
  • It was raised as to why we have Street lights on all night. The Clerk stated that within the last 2 weeks Rutland CC had launched an initiative to look into this very issue and the new Council will be discussing this.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8-35 pm


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