2012 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

Minutes of The Annual Parish Meeting held North Luffenham Community Centre on Monday April 17th 2012 at 7-30 pm.



Cllr M Coogan (Chairman), Mr I Ferguson (Parish Clerk), County Cllr K Bool and 11 members of the public.



Received from County Cllr Miss Waller, Cllr C Cade, Cllr R Sewell, Mrs C Riordan and Mr K Forsythe.


Minutes of the 2011 Annual Parish Meeting

Proposed by Liliane Coogan and seconded by Barry Read these were signed as being a true record.


Matters Arising

  • It was noted that in the year 2011/12 Bonfire Night event had made a profit thus reversing the trend of the last 3 years.
  • In response to a question the Chairman said that there had been no further action concerning the possible closure of Moor Lane.
  • In response to a question, the Chairman said that following the 2010 Annual Parish Meeting a Field Gardens Trust Investment Strategy was put in place and this is kept under review.


Chairman’s Report

This had been circulated to all residences in the village. There were no questions or comments from those present.


Financial Report

  • The Parish Council Financial Report for 2011/12 and The 2 Trust Financial Reports for 2011/12 were both circulated at the meeting.
  • Mr Risi suggested that when any further work on Oval Trees is done any surplus wood should be sold on to mitigate The PC’s costs. The Chair replied by saying that The Parish Council are mindful of this but it so happens with the phase of tree works about to start a contractor has been selected who has the lowest price but will remove all arisings.
  • Mrs Whittaker asked whether there were any plans for spending the money held in The Field Gardens Trust. The Chair responded that there were none.
  • Mr Riordan asked whether The Village would receive any cash sum from The Developer of The Roses Woodyard site. The Chairman responded that we would. As it happened The Clerk and Cllr Read had had a meeting with Mr Nick Jackson, MD of Francis Jackson Homes, the developer, that very afternoon and The Clerk said that although the final figure was not yet set it could be approx £225k but this is allocated to various services some of which operate out of Oakham. However the PC will make every endeavour to get the money allocated to the village especially that to do with Education, Children and Leisure pursuits.


Creation of a Jubilee Wood

  • Cllr Cade had prepared a paper outlining using the PC’s field off Pinfold Lane to develop into a ‘country park’ and details + map were circulated at the meeting. The Chairman stressed that at this point this is very much just first thoughts and we would welcome any feedback.
  • Mr P Risi thought this was a good innovative idea.
  • Mrs Whittaker thought it would appeal to dog-walkers
  • Mr Riordan asked whether this scheme could jeopardise the creation of further allotments. The Chair said that it would and that means stopping possible income.
  • Mr Riordan also pointed out that it would mean there is no land available to develop more affordable housing.
  • Cty Cllr Bool reminded the meeting that affordable housing can be outside the village boundary as has happened in Barrowden. He went on to say that we need to decide how we want our village to develop.


Digby Farm Compost Site

  • John Ellis, who manages the site, expressed concern that a green flyer was passed around the village on April 12th contending that odour from the site was causing offence. This flyer had not come from The Environment Agency (EA) and indeed the Clerk read out a letter from EA to that effect.
  • Mr Risi said that he had issued the flyer, because he did not believe EA were acting strongly enough in monitoring the odour which in his view is causing offence.
  • Mr Risi feels that at the time when permission was granted for the extended pad there were certain conditions imposed by EA & RCC and believes those conditions are not being met by Mr Ellis.
  • Mr Ellis has had inspections and EA are quite happy.
  • Re the issue of lorries going too fast in Warren Lane Mr Ellis has tried to tell the drivers not to do so.
  • Mr Risi stressed that he does not want the site to close but rather just be compliant with EA recommendations.
  • Cty Cllr Bool agreed to look into the Planning Recommendations and report back as to what was specified last year.
  • Margaret Bland reminded the meeting that we do live in the country and as a result we may well get unpleasant odours from time to time.


Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Mr P Risi asked how all the events on the Oval will be paid for and The Chairman responded that it will be funded by The Parish Council.



Margaret Bland expressed concerns that while all the Allotments have been hired out there are many that are not being cultivated. The Parish Council will investigate. Furthermore she reported that the path by the hedge has not been mowed and again The Parish Council will investigate.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8-30 pm


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