Weather looking clear for spotting International Space Station tonight (Thurs 6th June 2013)

ISS Cupola

ISS Cupola [photo courtesy NASA]

Unfortunately the sky was too cloudy to view the International Space Station (ISS) Tuesday night, but the weather forecast is looking much more promising for clear skies tonight, when there will be another good opportunity to view the ISS.

Tonight, the ISS will reach a little higher than Tuesday, about 2/3 up from the horizon and will rise at 11:30pm in the direction of Morcott and set at 11:41pm in the direction of Collyweston.

If you are curious to know what it is like living on the inside of the ISS then this video by Sunita Williams of NASA provides a very extensive tour:

Pass beginning

  • Date/time: 6/6 23:30:40
  • Azimuth: 251.36° (WSW)
  • Elevation (altitude): 0.22°
  • Magnitude: 1.3
  • Distance to satellite: 2313.2 km
  • In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Maximum altitude

  • Date/time: 6/6 23:36:0
  • Azimuth: 162.87° (SSE)
  • Elevation (altitude): 61.96°
  • Magnitude: -2.2
  • Distance to satellite: 465.9 km
  • In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Pass ending

  • Date/time: 6/6 23:41:15
  • Azimuth: 83.66° (E)
  • Elevation (altitude): 0.37°
  • Magnitude: 1.3
  • Distance to satellite: 2297.5 km
  • In Earth’s shadow (eclipsed): NO

Data courtesy of Real Time Satellite Tracking

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