Cricket Club Clean Up- April 1st-3rd


For those of you who have thought recently, “h’mm the Pavilion is looking a bit grubby” or have mentioned things could do with a tidy up, now is your chance to help to make  a difference.

The Cricket Club have obtained sponsorship for materials from Natwest, & is undertaking a “Get Stuck In” weekend from Friday 1st April to Sunday 3rd April. Obviously “Many Hands Make Light Work” and so we would welcome help from anyone who would be willing to assist in any way (for any period of time over the weekend) to get as much done as possible.

The intention is to spruce up the pavilion with a clean up and do some general maintenance – painting and repairs etc to make the pavilion and the area surrounding it a more pleasant place to be.

The pavilion is a village facility, able to be used by various different organisations within the village, and a clean up will make it a more welcoming space for anyone who wants to use it

If you can help out, please contact 07787557511 for further details and we look forward to seeing you over the weekend.


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