Remembering Those That Fell During The First World War – Part 1

ww1-centenary-logoRemembrance Day is being marked this year on Sunday 13th November. A Service of Remembrance is being held in the Village Church at 10.45am, where we will be joined by local military units and youth groups and will commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts.

In this the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme we will particularly remember those who died during the First World War.

During the coming week we will publish details of those 16 Villagers that died during that dreadful conflict.


The Battle of the Somme was one of the largest and most well-known battles of World War I. It lasted from 1st July to 18th November 1916 on the banks of the Somme River, in France.

It was also one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War, or of any war before or since.

An estimated 1,000,000 men were killed or wounded, including about 485,000 British and French troops. Further details can be found at:

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