St Georges Barracks – Lorry Parking Planning Application

It has been noticed that there is a retrospective planning application for lorry parking on the old airfield at St Georges Barracks.

This planning application was not formally notified to North Luffenham Parish Council, although part of the land covered by the application seems to be within the Parish boundary. NLPC will be following up with RCC on this application (Edith Weston Parish Council have lodged an objection already)

The planning application is available here for review by any interested residents:

3 thoughts on “St Georges Barracks – Lorry Parking Planning Application

  1. Allan Arnott

    This is the second time I have commented on this application but the first input would seem to have got “lost” in the system.
    My essential points were and are:
    -many truck movements in and out of site will set a high base line of activity when it comes to justifying materials quarrying truck movements.
    -this application should be rejected because it is completely at odds with the RCC/MOD declared intentions which are themselves subject to planning permission.
    – it is astonishing that with all of the RCC focus on St Georges and the impact on the local communities, that no-one noticed the change in use and the truck movements.
    -RCC should be obliged to disclose in full their intentions for the St Georges, with detailed timescales for each element. They should prove that they are to be trusted.

  2. Allan Arnott

    So we all get used to huge numbers of truck movements in and out of the lorry park, so when the time comes to justify the mineral extraction trucks it will be shown as a reduction and an improvement!
    There are [or were] very many trucks parked around the site: given the focus on the St Georges development it is astonishing that RCC did not notice that the change of use had no planning consent.
    The application should be turned down because its aim are totally inconsistent with RCC/ MOD intentions for the site, which are themselves subject to consultation and planning permission.
    RCC should be obliged to reveal, in full and in detail with a timeline, ALL of their intentions.

  3. John Cave

    As this is retrospective is the lorry traffic already happening, or should we expect an increase especially along Edith Weston Road…which would not be desirable! Looking at the schematic it looks like it sits right in the middle of the new planned “garden village” which would also be very unattractive, although if it prevents a large chunk of new builds then perhaps it might be more attractive???


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