Your Village Needs You

There has been a very good response so far to the short questionnaire on the proposed St. George’s Barracks development. North Luffenham Parish Council would like to hear from as many resident as possible and if you would like to give an opinion please click on the following link:

Thank you for your time. Your opinion matters.

One thought on “Your Village Needs You

  1. David Jones

    Based on my experience elsewhere many things are promised on projects like these and almost never come to fruition. Improvement to the road infrastructure, will not happen. A new school, will be over subscribed before it’s finished. A new surgery, will not appear. The building companies are interested in one thing alone, profit, not in the area or the well being of existing residents. I know from personal experience we will lose so much in this area which we will never get back, it will become a back water rat run for places like Peterborough, Grantham, A1 etc. It will be a very sad day for all.


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