Jubilee Weekend Update

I know many of you will be hard into your training regimes for the Tug O’ War by now. However it may just be that you would like to be in a team but your street has not managed to put a team together. Fear not! Let me know if you want to join a team (simonbrowning 958@gmail.com) as a “guest resident” or even put a “wanderers” team together. Whilst we already have a number of teams, we have decided that we will accept entries right up to the time of the draw on Thursday night at The Fox to ensure everyone who wants to take part gets a chance.

Thank you to the person who donated their frying pan for the frying pan rounders. If you have found an old frying pan you could donate to help out please do drop it off in the porch at 3 Glebe Road. The same goes for old wellies we could use for the welly wanging. Again thank you to the person who dropped a set off already.

You will start to see the bunting being put up around the village from early next week (Tuesday onwards) If you would like to help out please do stop by and lend a hand, even if only for few minutes. Let’s make North Luffenham look the cheeriest village for this coming week. Also why not come out and decorate the front of your house whilst we decorate the streets? The more the merrier!

We have decided to adopt a “save the environment” approach during the Fun Day and so it has been suggested that in order not to create waste unduly we would ask you to bring along your own drinking vessels to the Fun Day. There will be refreshments, beer and Pimms and soft drinks etc. but we are hoping you will bring along your own vessels. We are keen, however, to point out that the measures served will be strictly according to correct legal amounts and so even if you bring a bucket along for your Pimms you will only get the correct legal measure!

That’s all for now, but do keep watching for last minute alerts. The next bulletin will outline how we intend to kick things off with a bang on Thursday evening amongst other things.

4 days and counting!

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