Photographic Outing to Exton

An Exton Thatched Cottage

An Exton Thatched Cottage

North Luffenham Camera Club Outing to Exton – 7th May 2013.

The choice of Exton for this outing was splendid – and it could not have been better with the weather! Sunny and still – how lucky, as Tuesday night was the changing point from our sunny spell.

Ten members turned out and spent an hour and half taking photographs, around this typically English village – thatched cottages and village green.

We were able to include photos of a local lady with her white horse and two tiny white ponies.

Also a member of the group was invited to photograph a private wild garden- carpets of forget-me-nots and primroses.

The evening finished with a splendid supper in the pub.

I expect we will see some cracking photos at the next meeting on 21st May – 8pm in the NL Community Centre, with possible contenders for the next calendar.

via Pam Plant, Camera Club

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