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Exton Outing Photo Collection

The North Luffenham Camera Club recently visited Exton to photograph the village and the gallery below includes a selection of photos taken by the club members.

Photographic Outing to Exton

An Exton Thatched Cottage

An Exton Thatched Cottage

North Luffenham Camera Club Outing to Exton – 7th May 2013.

The choice of Exton for this outing was splendid – and it could not have been better with the weather! Sunny and still – how lucky, as Tuesday night was the changing point from our sunny spell.

Ten members turned out and spent an hour and half taking photographs, around this typically English village – thatched cottages and village green.

We were able to include photos of a local lady with her white horse and two tiny white ponies.

Also a member of the group was invited to photograph a private wild garden- carpets of forget-me-nots and primroses.

The evening finished with a splendid supper in the pub.

I expect we will see some cracking photos at the next meeting on 21st May – 8pm in the NL Community Centre, with possible contenders for the next calendar.

via Pam Plant, Camera Club

Field trip to photograph Exton village

The next Camera Club meeting will be on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 6pm.

This evening will be in Exton, meeting at the Fox and Hounds.

We will spend an hour or two taking photos around the village and area and meet up again for a meal about 7.30 for 8pm. This outing depends on the state of our weather!

Following on from this, we will have our usual meeting on the Tuesday 21st May at 8pm in the Community Centre.

The themes for the meeting on the 21st, together with Exton photos, are Flora and Fauna and/or Signs of the Zodiac.

via Pam Plant, Camera Club