Woodland Walk Proposal

It was proposed some time ago that the village might establish an area of recreational woodland on part of the 14 acres of Parish Council land next to the allotments.

Although the original proposal was to plant most of this land, the Parish Council now proposes a much less ambitious development, planting an area of just 2.5 acres, to be completed during this winter.

Around 800 trees will be planted (mixed native broad-leaved), but at just 20” tall will take some years to grow to any size.  Thinning will be required in future years. Some shrubs will also be planted.

It is proposed, In due course, to establish a footpath through the trees and around the field perimeter, a circular route being made possible by permissive access alongside Edith Weston Road having been agreed by the tenant who farms most of the field.

A sketch map of the site is shown below and you can also download a pdf version if you prefer. From this it can be seen that there are various options for the route of the footpath, particularly in the vicinity of the allotments and Geoff Sewell Close, which details will be considered at a future date.

The arrangement of trees  is currently under discussion with our Woodland Trust advisor. Further details of the project will be made available shortly.

If you wish to comment on the proposal, please do so by completing the Parish Council Contact Form.

Alternatively, please forward your comments via any Parish Councillor, or the Parish Clerk, contact details for whom are on the parish notice boards and on this website. It would be helpful to receive any comments by 10 November.

Woodland Walk Map

via Syd Overington, Chairman, NLPC

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