Responses to Community Recreational Facilities Questionnaire

Earlier this year a questionnaire was delivered to each household in the parish and posted on the website, seeking views on what recreational facilities might be desirable in the village – subject to evidence of demand, and availability of funding.

We thank you all for your responses, of which we received 64 in total from the 320 delivered questionnaires issued and website post.

Four specific proposals suggested by the NLPC were exampled in the questionnaire, although other suggestions were invited.

In respect of the four specific items, the number of respondents indicating support was as follows:

  • Tennis court27
  • Cricket pavilion refurbishment  – 36
  • All-weather pitch22
  • Woodland walk (on allotments field)  – 23

Amongst a range of additional suggestions made by respondents, the most popular was for a village hall type facility, separate from the community centre. (16 respondents). A more detailed schedule of the responses is shown below, and you can also download a pdf version if you prefer.

Whilst deliberations continue over which of the suggestions might be both justifiable and affordable, there are few obstacles to proceeding with some form of woodland walk, plans for which are in hand, and more details of which are set out in a separate post, with an invitation for comments. Of some of the more minor suggestions made (and albeit not of a recreational nature), action is already in hand for a bus shelter (at Pinfold Close), and for a defibrillator (possibly to be sited in the telephone kiosk on Church Street).

Community Recreational Facilities Questionnaire Responses

via Syd Overington, Chairman, NLPC

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