Village Website Content & Management Questionnaire

What should be the scope of the North Luffenham Village Website?

At the present only material related to the village is allowed to appear on the website and this was questioned at the Annual Parish Meeting, on the 14th April, and it was agreed that villagers should be asked for their opinion.

The Parish Council is the current owner of the website and is responsible for the maintenance and cost of running the website. Presently the cost is minimal because the website administrator has donated all website development and administration time for free, but this may not always be the case. In order to ensure the longevity of the website, it is preferable for it to belong to a body that represents the village such as the Parish Council.

One feature of the website that could be developed is a separate ‘forum’ and/or ‘comments’ at the bottom of each post in which people are able to voice their opinions. This could be useful, for example in feedback to the Parish Council, when topical issues related to the village are being discussed. However the content of the website needs to be monitored to ensure that no offensive, abusive or bullying posts appear.

The Parish Council would be grateful if you could complete the following questionnaire to try and establish the content, function and management of the website.

» Village Website Content & Management Questionnaire Form

Tim Smith, Parish Council

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