Information about Planning Applications

Planning Committee North Luffenham Parish Council.

Planning applications are made to the planning department of Rutland County Council and any that may affect North Luffenham are passed on to the Parish Council. The Parish Council cannot reject an application but it is a statutory consultee and can either support, object or make no comment on the application. The decision on the planning application is made by Rutland County Council but may well be influenced by views of the Parish Council or members of the public as local knowledge is of importance in their decision.

Members of the public may view planning applications online at: where support or objection and comments may be made. Comments can also emailed to but can also be made by post or in person. Comments must be made within 21 days of the application being posted.

The Planning Committee posts each application on the North Luffenham website when it is received and discusses each application. In order to reach a decision members of the committee may discuss with the applicant and neighbours affected. The committee in most cases is able to reach a decision but on occasions, for a contentious or major application, the Parish Council as a whole will be involved.

The planning committee would welcome queries, comments or advice concerning applications. Please contact Tim Smith by email: or phone 01780 360083.

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