Cricket Club Committee Meeting Minutes 14th Jan 2013


  • Charles Cade – Chairperson
  • David Head-Secretary
  • Robin King – Treasurer
  • Pete Burrows – Membership
  • Bill Whittaker
  • Sallyanne Marsons
  • Jo Skelham
  • Matt Butcher
  • Dave Brew
  • Woody Hodson

1. Apologies

Tim Mayers. Helen Bishop

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

held on 19th July 2012 were accepted.

3. Matters Arising


4. Secretary’s Report

Thanks to Bill for standing in for me over the last 6 months during my absence from the village. Committee notified of the resignation of Denise Cunningham and Jo Spiegl from the committee and thanked for their support over the many years.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Income of £800 from the Parish Council for the mowing and £300 from the youth subs. Sallyanne has the tuck tin (approx. £100) to be used as a float for the new season. Current account approx. £1,100 & Deposit account approx £200. Known expenditure of sharpening the gang mowers and insurance.

6. Captains Report

As we have no captain, there was general discussion about next season. There will be no weekend league team.The Burrough league team will be organized by Woody and Sam Hodson (DH to chase fixtures).DH to investigate possible local friendly games in May, June, July and August..

7. Membership

Need to get the cricket club details onto the North Luffenham website, especially contact details for youth cricket and fixtures.

8. Ground/clubhouse

Very tidy clubhouse – big thanks to Sallyanne for sorting this out. Need to get 2 black camera club boards moved from the away changing room. Discussion about purchasing a cooker and/or BBQ. Consensus was to get a cooker. To be looked into in regards to cost and location in the kitchen. Water if currently off. Gazebo and gas BBQ seem to have disappeared.

9. Youth Cricket

Sallyanne has agreed to be in charge of the youth section. She had basically been doing the role the previous season and doing it fabulously. Youth meeting needed before season starts. U12 and U10 teams entered into winter league. Plans for next season is U7’s, U9’s and U11’s. U11’s to
be coached by Robin and managed by Bill, with help from Matt. U9 squad– going to look for a qualified coach (Bill to investigate). Will need a parent(s) to manage. Rest of the U9’s and U7’7 to be coached by Tim Osman, Graham and Jo. Need to get adverts etc into primary school newsletters and the camp and the Mercury. Fees for 2013 – £10 membership, £3 per week per child subs, £5 max per family.

10. Nets

Outside nets have been fixed. Bill to contact UCC regarding mid-week winter net sessions.

11. Fundraising

100 Club running OK. With no senior side, there seemed to be some perceived apathy within the village as to running a race night fundraising event for the cricket club. Thought not fully shared by the committee. Future event to be discussed at next meeting, but ideas of a race night, casino night, curry night, BBQ and a quiz were all mentioned.

12. Any Other Business

Date of AGM – Sunday 24th February 2013 at 11am in the Pavilion. David to contact all VP’s re GM and thank them for their continued support of NLCC.

Date of next meeting – to be arranged at AGM.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm

Cricket Club Committee Meeting Minutes 14Jan2013 [pdf]

via Pete Burrows, NLCC


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