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North Luffenham to have a Defibrillator

Defibrillator situated at the Horse and Jockey

Defibrillator situated at the Horse and Jockey, Manton

You may have noticed a bright yellow box located on a wall or inside a telephone box in surrounding villages and towns. These, as many people know, are defibrillators and are an essential piece of equipment for local community schemes to provide ‘Community Access Defibrillation’ (cPAD). The defibrillator will be sited at the Fox and Hounds and this has been made possible by the kind permission and help of the landlord, Jason Allen.

Why have a defibrillator and a cPAD scheme? The answer to this question can be found on the website of a charity called the Community HeartBeat Trust (CHT), but basically North Luffenham is a rural community and following a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) expert medical help is unlikely to arrive within 5 minutes. Following SCA survival decreases by 23%: survival is only 5% with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) alone; 50% with defibrillation.

The acquisition of the defibrillator has been made possible with the support of the CHT, a generous donation of half of the funding from the Karen Ball Fund, and the other half provided by North Luffenham Parish Council.

One of the other essential elements of a cPAD scheme is the need for a number of local volunteers who are trained to respond to a sudden cardiac event (SCA), able to perform basic life support (BLS) with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the use of the automated external defibrillator (AED). This may sound rather daunting but BLS and CPR are not demanding techniques, skills easy to learn, and the AEDs are designed to be simple to use.

If you are interested in finding out more or thinking about becoming a volunteer then please contact Tim Smith, North Luffenham Community Scheme Organiser.

There is also a lot of information on cPAD schemes on the CHT website.

Thank you from Lincolnshire police

Angel Bears 3Some of our knitters have knitted the Teddy Bears for children after an appeal by Lincolnshire police.

Janet received a thank you letter and the Police force mentioned that their request for 500 bears has far exceeded its target. They have 5100 so far!

We knit & natter all in a good cause.

Lilane Coogan, Knit & Natter

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with a Picnic in the Park

A few of us have decided to try and get the community together for a picnic on the Oval on 21st June.

This is a free event and people will have to bring their own food and drink.

Picnic in the Park 2014 Download PDF version of the “Picnic in the Park” poster.

by Colin Heasell

Knit ‘n’ Natter production line of ‘Angel Bears’

Angel Bears 1The ladies of North Luffenham have not been idle over the winter months.

Instead we have being busy knitting ‘Angel bears’ which are used by Lincolnshire Police to console children involved in road traffic accidents or similar traumatic situations.

A total of over thirty bears have been knitted with loving care so far.

If anyone is interested in joining the group or having a go at knitting one at home, please contact us through the website.

We need your help to plant 500 trees

On Saturday 15th March the Parish Council will be planting around 500 trees to create a new woodland area on part of the 14 acres of Parish Council land next to the allotments. The Parish Council would greatly appreciate as many volunteers as possible to help plant the trees.

If you would like to volunteer your help, even if it is just for half an hour, please contact Charles Cade via the Parish Council contact form, or just turn up on the day from 10am with shovel in hand 🙂 at the entrance to the allotments behind the bowls club.

Help plant 500 trees

via Charles Cade, NLPC

Knit a bear to help Police console children involved in traffic accidents

Knitted Bears

Lincolnshire Police are asking residents in the county if they are able to make knitted bears to donate some to them for consoling children.

In the past, if a child is involved in a road traffic collision, they would be given a free knitted bear to help keep them calm in a frightening experience. This then helps police and other emergency services deal with the accident.

However, the charity which used to knit and provide the bears — known as Angel Bears — is no longer in existence. This means Lincolnshire Police is running out of bears to give to children for free.

Police HQ is asking any knitting clubs or individuals in the county that would be willing to become part of their volunteer base to knit an annual supply of 500 bears to get in touch.

The force need enough for the next intake, required around September 2014. Bears need to be stuffed and knitted to a set pattern.

Liliane Coogan has the patterns for these teddy bears. Come along on a Thursday evening at the Fox and Hounds at 7.30pm and you can have a copy of the knitting patterns.

via Liliane Coogan, Knit & Natter

Check the January What’s On Guide for North Luffenham to find out what’s happening in the village this month.

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An opportunity for you to make a contribution to parish affairs



Following the resignation of Cllr Robert Sewell, North Luffenham Parish Council is now able to fill this vacancy by co-option on to the Council.

To serve on the Parish Council a person must:

  • Be an elector, and
  • Be age 18 or over, and
  • Have resided in the Parish (or within 3 miles of the Parish) for the last 12 months or have their principal place of work in (or within 3 miles of) the Parish.

Anyone wishing to be considered to fill this vacancy should send an email The Parish Clerk via clerk@northluffenham.org.uk or write to the address below, giving brief details about themselves/trade/profession etc, and how they feel they can contribute to parish affairs, by Monday December 30th 2013.

Ian Ferguson
Parish Clerk
Old School House
North Luffenham
LE15 8LG

Oval Bonfire Progress at Lunchtime

Thank’s to all the volunteers so far, it’s getting bigger!  This should help keep everyone warm and toastie tomorrow night.

Building Oval Bonfire

Photo by Andy Stout

There remains a lot of cuttings around the bottom of the Oval if there are any willing volunteers for the remainder of the afternoon.

Do you have 1 hour spare to help out at the Oval today?

Currently all the low hanging branches from the trees at the Oval are being cut, but it is turning into a massive task to move all the cuttings onto the bonfire.

If anyone can spare 1 hour today to help drag the cuttings onto the bonfire it would be greatly appreciated.

via Syd Overington, Chairman, NLPC

Volunteers wanted for Big Collection Weekend

Tesco - Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK are looking for volunteers over the weekend of October 4th/5th/6th to take part in a bucket collection as part of the Big Collection Weekend at Tesco in Oakham.

If anyone can give 3 hours between 12 and 3 on Friday or Saturday, or between 3 and 6 on Friday,  please could you contact me please, its a great charity.

via Gail Arnott

Contact Gail to Volunteer